Our Hydroponic Container Farms

We are at the forefront of transforming the agricultural landscape with our controlled hydroponic container farms, offering a sustainable solution to year-round, local produce. By leveraging advanced technologies such as precision irrigation, state-of-the-art lighting, and refined environmental control systems, our container farms ensure optimal crop yield and quality.

Designed to be resource-efficient, our farms significantly reduce waste, water usage, and environmental impact. Catering to diverse growing needs, from leafy greens and herbs to mushroom, our container farms are available in various sizes and configurations.

Discover a future where agriculture thrives in harmony with our planet. Explore our sustainable container farming solutions tailored to your needs.

The Art and Science of Container Farming
Understanding the Production Process

The production process for a container farm involves several stages, each of which is crucial in ensuring the success of the operation. Let's take a look at each of these stages:
Planning is the initial step in the production process where you decide the hydroponic container farm's goals, choose a location, set a budget, and pick the crops and equipment needed.
You decide the container farm's layout, size, growing systems, lighting, and irrigation. It also includes planning the installation and setup.
Container Preparation
Containers are cleaned, painted, and equipped with insulation, ventilation, electrical, and plumbing to make them ready for plant growth.
Software Installing
Software for environment control inside the container is set up, including sensors, LED lights, and irrigation to promote healthy plant growth.
Everything in the hydroponic container farm, from lighting and irrigation to software, is checked to ensure proper function and to prevent future issues.
The hydroponic container farm is transported to its location, involving logistics and permits. Once there, it's ready to start growing produce for the community.

Explore Our
Cultiv8 Container Models

Leafy Green Container

Leafy Green Container

Compact and efficient system for growing fresh, nutritious greens in a controlled environment year-round.
Microgreen Container

Microgreen Container

Specialized environment for cultivating nutrient-rich, young plants in a compact space efficiently.
Fruits Container

Fruits Container

Optimal growth of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, enabling consistent and high-quality produce in a controlled setting.
Strawberry Container

Strawberry Container

Specialized setting for cultivating juicy and flavorful strawberries year-round, maximizing yield and quality.
Mushroom Container

Mushroom Container

Controlled and optimized environment for the cultivation of mushroom, ensuring consistent quality and growth throughout the cycle.

Explore Our Crops

Here are some of the hundreds of leafy green plants you can grow.

Revolutionizing Cultivation
Greenbox Farms Container Farming Technology

We introduce a groundbreaking approach to cultivation through our container farms, harnessing controlled environment agriculture to ensure sustainable, top-tier production.

Key to our model is the precision control over essential growing variables: temperature, humidity, lighting, and ventilation. This guarantees consistent quality and cultivation throughout the year, irrespective of external weather conditions.

With our digital twin technology, growers gain real-time monitoring and adjustments from any location, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth. Our scalable container farms not only allow for increased production without additional space but can be tailored to fit specific cultivation needs.

Know Exactly Where Your Food Comes From

Greenbox Farms introduces a cutting-edge traceability tool, offering unparalleled transparency throughout the food supply chain. Our advanced software lets you seamlessly trace your food’s journey, guaranteeing knowledge about its origin, growth conditions, and path to your plate.

Access real-time data on produce growth, encompassing parameters like temperature, humidity, and light levels, ensuring your food’s quality and safety. Furthermore, our software meticulously records all inputs and outputs, affirming that your produce remains devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Our software offers customization for a tailored experience, providing you with essential information to make decisions that benefit both your health and the environment.


No Pesticides,
No Rinse Required!

With produce grown using Cultiv8, you can confidently skip the washing step. Embrace the cleanliness and purity right from the harvest, and join us in saving water – both during the cultivation and in your kitchen. Experience the future of responsible and sustainable farming today!


Cultivate Livestock Fodder with Cultiv8

Unlock the potential of Cultiv8 and revolutionize your livestock fodder production. Our cutting-edge container farming solution empowers you to provide top-quality animal fodder, ensuring a controlled and optimal environment for cultivating nutritious, contaminant-free feed, perfect for both large and small animals.

With Cultiv8, the process of fodder cultivation is simplified, ensuring you have a steady supply of high-quality livestock fodder all year round. This consistent quality not only meets but exceeds the nutritional needs of your animals, contributing significantly to their overall health and well-being.

Invest in Cultiv8 today and take a step towards more sustainable and efficient animal husbandry, ensuring your livestock thrive and your farming operations flourish.


Advantages of Cultiv8

Space Efficiency
Allows for high yield in limited areas.
Water Conservation
Up to 90% less water usage compared to traditional farming.
Rapid Growth
Controlled climate conditions enable faster plant growth.
Year-round Production
Capability to produce regardless of seasonal conditions.
Can be relocated to different locations as needed.

Use Cases and Potential Locations of Cultiv8

Urban Farming
Ideal for maximizing empty spaces in city centers. Suitable for vacant park spaces, building terraces, or parking lots.
Educational Institutions
Can be utilized for education and research purposes in schools, universities, or research institutes.
Restaurants and Hotels
Perfect for cultivating fresh vegetables and herbs right at the source, in the backyards of restaurants or surroundings of hotels.
Emergency and Disaster Zones
These farms can be swiftly set up post-disasters to meet urgent food needs.
Military Bases
Ideal for remote areas or bases with limited resources to meet fresh vegetable and fruit requirements.

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State-of-art Technology Controlled Hydroponic Container Farm
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Mastering Precision Dosing in Hydroponic Systems for Optimal Growth

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