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We strive to empower vertical farming businesses with our state-of-the-art application. By leveraging modern technology and innovative solutions, our platform enables users to efficiently monitor sensor data, manage end-to-end supply chains, and harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Built on the robust MEVN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js), our application offers a seamless and responsive user experience. With Vuetify, a popular Vue.js UI library, we have designed a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that simplifies complex data and processes.

Greenos.AI, cloud-based farming and crop software is designed to make your hydroponic vertical farm operations easier and more efficient than ever.

Real-time monitoring of sensor data
Utilizing the Mosquitto MQTT broker, our application receives sensor data from vertical farming facilities in real-time. By integrating, we provide a live data feed, allowing users to stay up-to-date with the latest sensor readings.
Comprehensive data records and visualization
Our application stores sensor data in MongoDB, a high-performance, NoSQL database. Users can apply date and time filters to visualize this data in graphical form using Chart.js, a powerful and versatile charting library.
End-to-end supply chain management
Our platform facilitates efficient supply chain management, from production to distribution. The application allows users to track and manage inventory, orders, and shipping information, streamlining the entire process.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Leveraging TensorFlow, a widely-adopted machine learning library, our application harnesses the power of AI to analyze sensor data, predict trends, and detect anomalies. This enables users to make data-driven decisions and optimize their farming operations.

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Redefining Vertical Farming:
A Leap Forward with Artificial Intelligence

We have always believed that technology has the power to shape our world, and it is our privilege to introduce the next big step in farming innovation: a platform that seamlessly combines the forces of nature and artificial intelligence.

Our groundbreaking application employs TensorFlow, the revolutionary machine learning library developed by Google, to process and analyze sensor data from vertical farming facilities. This fusion of AI and agriculture will unlock new possibilities, enabling users to make informed decisions and transform their farming operations in ways never imagined before.

We are driven by the pursuit of innovation, and our AI-powered platform exemplifies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of vertical farming. Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey, and let us shape the future of agriculture together. Welcome to the new era of farming, powered by artificial intelligence.

Predictive analytics
Imagine being able to foresee the future of your crops, resource consumption, and environmental conditions. Our application harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms to provide you with accurate forecasts, empowering you to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.
Anomaly detection
By identifying irregularities in sensor readings or unexpected changes in farming conditions, our advanced AI models ensure that you stay one step ahead of potential issues. This real-time insight enables swift action, safeguarding your crops and securing your success.
Personalized recommendations
Every farm is unique, and our AI engine recognizes that. By analyzing your individual behavior, preferences, and historical data, we deliver tailored advice to optimize your operations and guide you towards your objectives.
Continuous improvement
Our machine learning models are designed to grow alongside you. As more data is processed, the AI algorithms become increasingly accurate and reliable, providing even greater insights and recommendations over time.

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